Norwegian – .NO domain restrictions

This post is about Norwegian online Law.

You can discover here awesome details about some limitations in Norwegian.
If You are domain nut or just want to have Your own domain deal with in Norwegian You should study this brief written text bellow.


Norwegian online under attack
.No sites registration
.No domain registration Right now it is so difficult to sign-up Your own .NO domain in Norwegian. Norwegian domain registrar just don’t like people from other countries to use their .no domain names! They want You to have a Organization in Norwegian to get Your domain out there.
Ok almost all of domain gurus or experts knows that Norwegian online is one of the most properly secured one. They keep it fresh, there is no junk sites or sites which crack the Norwegian law.
If you don’t have an organization but You still like to have a Norwegian domain You need to dropped into the schema:
+18 years old.
Norwegian mailing address.
Not so hard? Indeed.
But You can have only domain expansion this way.
Why Norwegian domains?

So it is a cheeky query but think about it. You have an organization and You offer for example Axes and Swords (Hail Vikings) to Norwegian. You think that a appropriate Viking will believe in You if You will have .com domain in British language? Do not think so. Ok but that is not all!
As all SEO gurus know ( If Your not a SEO nut don’t fear i will add some SEO stuff later) .no domain will get greater SERP  in Norwegian googles. It is the same in every nation, .pl sites will have better outcomes in and .de will have better outcomes in

Norwegian domain resellers

It will be awesome to have awesome Norwegian domain name and offer it to others.
I am really sorry but it is difficult !

You can’t offer .no domain….. if You will try to offer it You will lose it.
But that is not the end! For example, You own (let say You have a company: myiphone and You are apple iphone reseller), our charming Apple can ask for that domain and they will get it for 100 % free… Thats the HARD Norwegian online law.