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How to get a domain name

How to get a domain name

A domain name is an essential part of your website’s internet presence. It’s a gateway to your business or your personal page that may leave a lasting impression – positive or not so. It’s how your website’s visitors will remember you.

What’s in a Domain Name

There are two main elements within a domain name: a top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain (SLD). In the domain name the TLD is “.eu” and the SLD is “Web-Solutions.” When choosing a domain name, you have a variety of TLDs to choose from such as .com, .org, .net, .biz, .eu and many more denoting country codes, for example.

Availability is probably the major deciding factor when choosing a TLD. Don’t panic if your pick, for example, is already taken – may still be available. Price is also important when selecting a TLD. Typically, country code domains are more expensive than popular .com or .net domains.

With the SLD you can wear your creative hat and put your wit and originality to use. Basically, there are no restrictions as to the name you can choose, as long as it does not violate someone else’s trademark rights. An SLD may consist of alphanumeric characters and hyphens (although hyphens cannot stand next to each other) while blank spaces and symbols are not permitted.

How to choose an effective domain name

An effective domain name should be short, easy to remember and meaningful. It will reflect the nature of your website and hopefully increase traffic and visibility. To optimise search engine optimization and the name’s marketing potential, it is important to choose wisely.

Various factors are taken into account in the process of ranking websites by search engines. Some of them are the website’s loading speed or a domain name suffix (.net,, etc.). The country code suffix is used to determine which geographical version of Google will pick up the search results. In case of the sites which don’t use country-specific suffixes such as .net, .biz, .org, the web server’s location becomes the determining factor.

If a website’s target audience are French visitors and it is hosted by a web server located in the US, for example, it usually takes much longer to load for those French visitors than if it were actually hosted in France. Thus, it is worth considering the location of your web host.

How to register a domain name

Once you’ve selected the domain name of your choice and verified its availability, it’s time for its registration on the web.

The best place to visit to do that is a domain registrar – an entity that handles reservations and management of domain names. Registration fees may vary from registrar to registrar, but typically the price range is from $6 – $15 dollars per year. On average, the sale price for quality brand domains may cost businesses from $500 to $2,000. In the application to register the domain name, the name itself needs to be provided along with the email address you wish to have published in the public whois registry, the postal address, and the name under which you wish the domain to be registered. For a fee, most registrars offer the domain name applicants the option for the registration information to remain private.

Once you’ve registered your domain name, you are ready to direct it to a web host so your website will be accessible using your new domain. Hopefully your choice will generate traffic and help to increase your online visibility. Good luck!

Norwegian – .NO domain restrictions

This post is about Norwegian online Law.

You can discover here awesome details about some limitations in Norwegian.
If You are domain nut or just want to have Your own domain deal with in Norwegian You should study this brief written text bellow.


Norwegian online under attack
.No sites registration
.No domain registration Right now it is so difficult to sign-up Your own .NO domain in Norwegian. Norwegian domain registrar just don’t like people from other countries to use their .no domain names! They want You to have a Organization in Norwegian to get Your domain out there.
Ok almost all of domain gurus or experts knows that Norwegian online is one of the most properly secured one. They keep it fresh, there is no junk sites or sites which crack the Norwegian law.
If you don’t have an organization but You still like to have a Norwegian domain You need to dropped into the schema:
+18 years old.
Norwegian mailing address.
Not so hard? Indeed.
But You can have only domain expansion this way.
Why Norwegian domains?

So it is a cheeky query but think about it. You have an organization and You offer for example Axes and Swords (Hail Vikings) to Norwegian. You think that a appropriate Viking will believe in You if You will have .com domain in British language? Do not think so. Ok but that is not all!
As all SEO gurus know ( If Your not a SEO nut don’t fear i will add some SEO stuff later) .no domain will get greater SERP  in Norwegian googles. It is the same in every nation, .pl sites will have better outcomes in and .de will have better outcomes in

Norwegian domain resellers

It will be awesome to have awesome Norwegian domain name and offer it to others.
I am really sorry but it is difficult !

You can’t offer .no domain….. if You will try to offer it You will lose it.
But that is not the end! For example, You own (let say You have a company: myiphone and You are apple iphone reseller), our charming Apple can ask for that domain and they will get it for 100 % free… Thats the HARD Norwegian online law.

Premium domain news for business

Premium websites that hold the most value include five numbers or less. They are useful qualities as they are unforgettable and provide reduced risk of writing mistakes. Companies looking for powerful brand identification and building up their position on the market make it a concern to maintain and enhance their company sector through which they can increase their consumer base and promote the services the company offers. The right domain address can produce a lot of traffic and generate identification and believe in. It is a primary device used in developing strong online existence of any company, company or individual business.

Focusing on the right online viewers for your company is a trial but having the right domain address makes a factor. No wonder some organizations don’t think twice to pay even six numbers to obtain strategically-important top quality websites. Among the top top quality websites there are still .com and .org. However, more and more customers opt for ccTLDs (country code domains) which develop in reputation and provide greater identification on local marketplaces. One of the most desperately obtained ccTLDs has lately been .TK (Tokelau) providing most websites for free. It is number one on the list of nation rule TLDs with the biggest rate of growth. The next in line is .DE (Germany) followed by .UK (United Kingdom).

However, while sector trading is a dynamically growing market, it is not unusual to find that the ideal short, significant and unforgettable domain, especially if it’s a top quality .com or .net address, is already authorized. Many sector owners purchase them in huge numbers for saving and selling reasons, to produce advertising income or to take advantage of unusual promoting possibilities.

Buying a top quality domain of your choice, if it is already taken, may include many working hours and sometimes disappointment. WHOIS information may not be up to date and getting in touch with the owner may appear to be difficult. Limitless e-mails and telephone calling all may lead to a deceased end. That is when you should turn to experts for help. There are numerous sector broker organizations working with all factors of applying, promoting and keeping websites that provide professional knowledge and quality service. Their help may appear essential in some cases resulting in a successful sale of a preferred sector address without exploitation of both the supplier and the customer.


Overall, the sector address company is growing powerful with more than 258 thousand top level sector address users in Apr of 2013 (an increase of 6,2 % over the period 6 previous months). With new possibilities and blends within websites market, businesses can take advantage of making the right websites entice new customers and enhance their organizations online.

African domains strikes again

The Southern Africa Industry Power, the manager of the new .africa common Top Stage Industry (gTLD), has released an attention system focusing on Africa’s best known manufacturers.

Launched on 7 May 2013, the .africa Innovator Programme is developed to motivate leading set of significant businesses in various areas such as govt, company and the artistry to offer their assistance to Africa’s new place in the network. Africa moving companies and shakers and their manufacturers are welcomed to join in the system which will entitle them to sign-up their .africa websites upon their accessibility later this season. Members of Innovator Programme will be able to have their selected .africa domain address joined onto a Source Name Record. They will have first privileges to the name, once it is assigned. This, in convert, will include definitely using .africa domain address as well as the system logo: „I assistance .africa” by the Innovator participants in their promotion strategies.

The .africa domain is a new TLD for the whole Africa region and it is completely supported by the Africa Partnership (AU). Various Africa areas and businesses such as govt authorities, the world of company, the specialized sector and municipal community are all in favor of Africa’s own area online which is to be handled by the ZACR (ZA Main Registry). It is important to note that the ZACR .africa effort, an unmatched pan-African collaboration, is led by a multi-stakeholder Guiding Panel from across the Africa region.

While the .africa Top Stage Industry is being evaluated by ICANN, the new gTLDs are organized to be assigned in the third one fourth of 2013 – consequently the release and signing up of the .africa TLD will be possible.

African registrar

The .africa domain is organized to be released in two stages, namely: Sun rising and Landrush. During the Sun rising stage, concern for revenue will be given to signature and brandnames owners, such as expected Innovator Programme participants. After that, the Landrush stage (the start delegation) will start. Images will need to be authorized with the Trademark Cleaning Home or through the Indicate Approval Program (MVS, a ZACR’s system made on the Trademark Cleaning Home to be used to confirm signature holders).

The above actions will assurance that .africa websites will be marketed to the rightful ip owners.